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  EDI(abbreviation for electrodeionization)is an innovating technology in water treatment used for the production of deionized water of high quality(more than 10MΩ.cm) by combining conventional ion-exchange techniques with electrodialysis. Dongda EDI system is a cost-effective Ultra pure water production equipment.is widely used in electric power、electronics、medicine、food and chemical industry etc.with the advantage of high and stable product water quality、continuous production、convenient operation and low maintenance cost.Every Dongda EDI module produced through the strict test and with the test data.
  SDI is the abbreviation of silt density index,which is a measure for the fouling capacity of water in reverse osmosis system.As the quality of source water changes frequently,the feed water should be measured by a SDI apparatus weekly or monthly.
  Pollution index is one of the most important value in RO feed water quality. Its main aim is to test whether the outlet water from pretreatment system meets the requirement of RO inlet water. Its value has much influence on the life of RO membrances directly.
Large flow security filter
  With the increasing of sea water desalination of membrance method and large-scale water purification traditional security filter has the disadvantages of easy corrosion, small flow, changing cartrige inconveniently, high cost etc, which cannot meet the modem engineering, security filter has become an indispensability unit in the water purified systerm of membrance method.
  Interlaced and large flow security filter was developed and designed by Dongda,based on the unique design idea.The filter shell made of engineering plastics,stainless steel,glass reinforced plastics could meet different quality water.The filter introduce oversized pulldown cartridge,spray-fusing cartridge,could meet the demand of large flow.Introduced fast changing technology,it is convenient to change the filter.Multifilter vertical paralled connection,meet the demand of super flow.Compared with the normal security filter,this item has an advantage of long life and high quality with low cost.
PTFE Hollow fiber membrane
  China first PTFE hollow fiber microfiltration membrane manufacture Without support and never fractured.
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